Aircraft Enthusiasts

Airplanes remain a romantic idea for many people in the world today. Airplanes bring many of us warm feelings of the faraway exotic places that they are able to take us. Airplanes are also magical just because of their sheer ability to stand high up in the air, even with the science there is to support the phenomenon. For many people, airplanes still carry a fairy tale like essence to them. Some people take this a little bit further, and revolve their hobbies in life around different aircrafts, where it be in the form of aircraft photography, aircraft spotting, or by becoming knowledgeable about aircraft machinery and mechanics. If you are a passenger aircraft enthusiast in any way, shape, or form, these websites are a must read for you!

Flight Aware: This is a particularly good website if you are in to aircraft spotting. The main purpose of the website is toward tracking live aircraft movement. It is also very useful for identifying different types of aircrafts that you might be unaware of. Very useful for finding out information about flight history, status of flights, weather, and approach charts.

Flight Global: This is an international website that reports aviation news as well as posts jobs in the aviation field. There are many different topics on the website including safety, helicopters, environmental factors, aircraft maintenance, repairs, and defense information.

Thirty Thousand Feet: This website is a great resource to find many other passenger aviation resources on the internet. There are literally thousands of links to web pages, aviation news sites, FAQ pages and many other informative websites relating to commercial, private, and military aviation.

My Flight Blog: This blog is written by Tom Clamroch, who is a pilot and also a self described “aviation enthusiast”. This blog details Tom’s personal history of stories and experiences to becoming licensed as a pilot. He also uses the website as a platform to help other people pursue their dreams of flying and answers many of the questions that he is often asked about flying.

Nuts about Southwest: This is the official blog of Southwest airlines, and it just so happens that they do a really good job with it! This blog is a combination of information about the passenger airline industry as well as the people who live in the southwestern United States. It’s a great read, not to be missed!